Repoblamiento y recuperación del Centro Histórico de la ciudad de México, una acción pública híbrida, 2001-2006


In this paper we analyse the urban, housing and rescuing policies related to the heritage of Mexico City’s historic centre. We are interested in the policies that were carried out by the local government between 2001 and 2006 within the framework of a Latin American trend to return to central urban areas. We address the context in which this return to the centre has been consolidated, as well as the renewed interest for rescuing historic city centres. There is evidence of a differentiated public action that grants a higher status to the private sector compared to that of the resident population and the city itself. This goes beyond a neutral discourse about public interests and the rescue of humankind heritage. This paper is the result of a doctoral research together with current efforts to evaluate the impact of public policies in the so-called central city.